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  • Order 2 covers and get 10% off

  • Order 3 covers and get 15% off

  • All Storm Jackets include a zippered carrying case

Storm Jackets are available in four colors, five sizes, and two different models. Please take a minute and review the information below before placing an order so that you can choose the Storm Jacket(s) that will meet your needs the best.

All Storm Jacket covers are designed with a drawstring at each end. Once closed, the front end fully encloses your lens, while the secured back end protects your camera body.

Although the standard covers will do the job in most situations, the pro model may be preferred. It is designed with an additional opening, so you can mount your camera to a tripod or monopod, and then shut the camera in tightly with a Velcro fastening.

Storm Jacket Camera Covers fold to a small, flat size that fits in a tidy zippered pocket, which you can then attach to your belt or carry in your camera bag. The only detail that Vortex Media may have overlooked (and it’s very minor) is that it would have been nice to have a clear cover.


Step One: Choose a Model


This the most economical and easiest solution for keeping your camera clean and dry. The Standard Model is often the best choice if you rarely use a tripod, monopod, or focus the lens manually. The largest variety of sizes and colors are available with this model. For most casual, non-professional photographers, this is usually the best choice. STANDARD-MEDIUM-BLACK is our biggest seller.


The PRO ModeL is very similar to the Standard Model, except it adds a velcro opening on the bottom to accommodate the attachment of a tripod or monopod. Then velcro can be closed to make a very water resistant seal. This opening on the bottom also makes it easier to focus your lens manually. NOTE: PRO Models do not come in the small size, and are only available in Black and Camo colors.

Step Two: Choose a Size

The model or brand of SLR that you own does not make any difference when choosing the size of the cover. In fact, all model have the same internal diameter (8") for the front and rear openings. What matters is the length from the rear of your camera to the front of your lens when the zoom is fully-extended.

Measure your camera and lens, and then ADD a couple of inches to that number. Now, refer to the chart to find the minimum-size cover that will suit your needs.


If you have multiple lenses of varying lengths, it is possible that one cover may fit them all. For example, if you determine that a Medium cover is needed for your longest lens, you could probably still use it with a shorter lens because it is easy to bunch-up the excess material. (see the photos on this page). If you prefer to have two or three covers so that they fit better on various lenses, then take advantage of our discount offer. 10% off of two and 15% off of three or more. * NOTE: PRO MODELS are not available in Small

Small * 11"
Medium 17"
Large 23"
XL 27"
XXL 31"


Step Three: Choose a Color





Every Storm Jacket Camera Cover comes with a free black zippered case.

The hook makes it easy to hang from a camera bag, belt loop, tripod, or whatever you want.

All Storm Jackets have bungee cords with locks at both ends.

Storm Jackets can be used with other gear, too.

This is a Nikon SB-80 flash unit wrapped with a STANDARD-SMALL-YELLOW.

Now the flash, seen above, has been mounted to the hot shoe of a Nikon D3 with 17-35mm f/2.8 lens.

The camera body and lens are being protected by a PRO-MEDIUM-BLACK.

Please note that in order to mount a flash to the top of your camera, you will have to make a small incision in the camera's cover so that the flash can touch the hot shoe.

Although this modification is easy to do, and the hole should not run or tear, it does void your warranty.

The size of the opening at the rear of the camera is completely up to you.

You can leave it open so that you can reach your hands in, or close it so that only the viewfinder is poking out.


Some people prefer to hold the camera on the outside of the Storm Jacket, and other people prefer to place their hands inside.

Professional bird and nature photographer John Chardine with one of his many Storm Jackets.

Model: Pro XL Camo.

Professional nature photographer
Robert Canis with one of his Storm Jackets.

Model: Pro Large Camo.

"I was photographing Elk in Poland in very snowy conditions and the Storm Jacket worked a dream. So easy to put on and take off. I was particularly impressed at how quickly it dried requiring just a shake, fold up and pack away!"


Robert Canis Photography Workshops

Well-known timelapse photographer Randy Halverson uses Storm Jackets to protect his cameras from dew, dust, and storms during nighttime exposures that can take up to four hours.

In this photo, you can see Randy's Canon SLR being proteced by a Storm Jacket Medium Black Pro as it slowly climbs the dolly.


National Geographic


Professional photographer
Paul Mozell shooting with a Medium-Pro Storm Jacket.

Read Paul's review at Photo-Review

Professional photographer
Jennifer Wu shooting on-location in Iceland.

"Using the storm jacket keeps my camera dry and safe from the rain while photographing in harsh weather conditions Iceland. The velcro opening on the bottom allows me to use the jacket while the camera or lens is attached to the tripod. This is essential to keeping the camera and lens dry and makes it easy to use. I am glad I brought it along."

Jennifer Wu, Canon Explorer of Light

Majestic Peak Images

Professional photographer
Michael Bertelesen.

Algonquin Park / Muskoka Photography Tours & Workshops

Professional photographer
Marsel van Oosten



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Storm Jacket Review

Professional photographer
Glenn Bartley

Glenn Bartley Nature Photography

Professional photographer
Adam Schallau

Adam Schallau Photography

Workshops & Tours

Professional photographer
Dutch Walters


Professional photographer
Sven Michiels


Read Sven's review of Storm Jackets.




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